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Associates in Real Estate Holdings

We offer the perfect blend of note investment opportunities and mortgage note selling in conjunction with a comprehensive mentorship program.

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Long-term, steady income stream without landlord headaches.

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Master the note business to accelerate your financial future.

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Satisfied Clients

“With Al’s years of experience in Seller finances notes, he explains and breaks down perfectly everything from how to get started, to how to take it to the next level in your note business.

He has great resources to start you off. He is an expert in his field with sharp intelligence on how to get your offer accepted by knowing exactly what to say to individuals.”

Ricardo Montes, The Kwak Brothers

“Al Curiel is a thoughtful, genuine, and knowledgeable mentor who during my time working with him continuously offered his assistance in every way he possibly could. When I first met Al, I was beginning my mentorship, where an opportunity such as the one I was given seemed unrealistic and intimidating. As time continued and the more I worked with Al, I soon realized the great benefit it was to know him. Al has always provided assistance and has been available as a resource throughout any situation where I required further input. I would highly recommend working with Al as he holds a vast amount of previous experience in a scope of areas which he gained experience in, throughout his career. Al is highly respected by those around him for his strong relationships he has developed and maintained throughout his career. All in all, Al fosters a curiosity for innovative possibilities which have led him to find the success he holds today.”

Juan Trigueros, Mentee & Investor

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Disclosure: Please note, this is neither an offer to sell any security or an offer to purchase any security. Nothing in this communication is intended as legal or specific financial or investment advice or intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. If you require legal or specific financial or investment assistance please consult your own attorney, financial planner or Trustee for legal or financial advice.