Note Investing

Build wealth, retire comfortably

Are you tired of the same old low interest investment options offered by your banker?  Does the volatility of your stock portfolio make you nervous?  Have landlord horror stories about tenants, trash and toilets made you skeptical about buying a rental property?

Note investing is a safe, predictable and passive alternative, and best of all it provides above average rates of return*.  Associates in Real Estate Holdings works closely with an investor to purchase a mortgage note for a desired amount.  You, as the investor, essentially become the bank that holds the mortgage note.  The borrower pays the note off over time, providing you a steady and passive income stream for the remaining term.

Note Options

Not every note is the same.  At Associates in Real Estate Holdings, we work with three different types of notes – performing, non-performing and reperforming.  As the investor, we will review with you the different options available and find a note that fits your investment goals.

  • Performing Note

    A performing note is when the payments are made on time by the homeowner to the note holder.  The best way to prove that a note is performing and on track is to keep a copy of the canceled checks.  And, with online banking, it is now very easy and convenient to have this information readily available.  This data will help in the valuation of your note.

  • Non-Performing Note

    A non-performing note is essentially a note that is in default.  Repayment against the original terms of the note can no longer be expected.  This type of note is very attractive to an investor because the asset can be purchased at a deep discount.  As the investor, you can decide either to re-work the note or take back the asset.  In today’s tight credit market, non-performing notes can be purchased at 35 percent to 65 percent of the original note value for a residential property on the secondary market.  Currently, this is the most popular type of note with real estate investors.

  • Reperforming Note

    A reperforming note is also known as a “scratch-and-dent” loan.  This type of note is generally defined as a loan in which the borrower has missed at least one payment, but he/she is back to a “current” status either based on the original contract or on a new and permanent loan modification.

Investing with Associates in Real Estate Holdings

Al Curiel, Jr., founder and president of Associates in Real Estate Holdings, not only brings over 35 years of real estate experience to every note transaction but also each investment is conducted with the highest level of integrity.  Every investment opportunity is vetted with the proper level of due diligence, resulting in above-average returns for you, the investor.  Our rates of return typically exceed those of bank accounts and many other investment vehicles.

*Note:  All rates of return are based on historical performance.


Disclosure: Please note, this is neither an offer to sell any security or an offer to purchase any security. Nothing in this communication is intended as legal or specific financial or investment advice or intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. If you require legal or specific financial or investment assistance please consult your own attorney, financial planner or Trustee for legal or financial advice.