About Us

Creating noteworthy experiences for investors, borrowers, and mentees.

At Associates in Real Estates Holdings, we believe there is a better way for investors to receive an above-average return on their money.  We believe the process of selling your mortgage note should not be scary.  We believe our mentorship program provides a great opportunity for you to increase your wealth.  And, we believe in win-win situations!


Al Curiel, Jr.

Our Founder

Associates in Real Estate Holdings was founded by Al Curiel, Jr. in 2015.  With over 35 years of business experience, Al has become an expert in just about every facet of real estate.  During his career, Mr. Curiel has been involved with wholesaling, flipping, rehabbing and renting out properties.  In addition, he has dealt with seller financing, and performing, non-performing and reperforming notes.

As an active participant in the note industry, Mr. Curiel wants to help ensure that business is conducted with the highest level of integrity.  He is lobbying for the creation of a regulatory board focused on protecting the rights of investors.

Giving back to the community is important to Al also.  He has used his real estate expertise to rehab affordable homes in Rockford, Illinois.  Since 2007 Al has been volunteering with the Special Olympics.

What We Provide

Associates in Real Estate Holdings has access to real estate assets, which are valued at below-market rates.  We, in turn, pass these higher than average returns stress-free to our investors, creating a truly passive-income opportunity.

Plus, our seller financing strategies not only benefit investors, but also result in affordable housing for deserving borrowers.  With our quick closings, zero out of pocket expenses, and competitive home valuations, it is often an opportunity that is too good to pass up.  Contact us for your obligation-free note analysis today.

In June 2019, Associates in Real Estate Holdings launched a mentorship program to educate every level of note investor, from seasoned real estate investors to newbie property owners.  Our one-year mentorship includes one-on-one coaching sessions in person and/or on the phone, email access to our experts, and mastermind seminars.

Whether you are an investor, borrower or mentee, we provide all our services not only in English, but also in Spanish, upon request.