Hello everyone. This is Al Curiel, Acquisition Manager at Associates in Real Estate Holdings, Ltd.

We started buying real estate in the mid 80’s. We owned a lot of properties however, over the last several years our focus turned to trading in discounted performing and non-performing real estate notes.

Most real estate investors like owning long term land lording properties – and land lording is a great business…until you learn one better.

Land lording means that over time, you deal with trash, tenants and toilets but, if you wait long enough, you eventually get a property with a lot of equity in it. You don’t necessarily earn a lot of cash, but it does earn money over time – The problem with land lording is headaches – so what could be better than land lording? Being the bank.

We buy performing and non performing notes. With non-performing notes, we are typically able to get them modified and “performing” as scheduled again about 65% of the time. The ones we cannot get to re perform, we either foreclose on or obtain Deeds in Lieu and sell the asset to a retail buyer. We essentially become the bank and avoid dealing with tenants and calls to fix leaky faucets, toilets and remove trash. Once you see the benefits of owning mortgage notes and achieving above average returns secured by real estate, you won’t want to deal with the stress associated with being a landlord.

If you are looking for a system that makes you passive income with above average returns, give us a call at 630-296-6768 or send a note to

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